Friday, 24 July 2009

Friday 24/07

Hmm. Looks like the previous post here was precisely 65 days ago, so some explanations are called for.

In a nutshell. I was experiencing severe pain down my right leg which was diagnosed as sciatica caused by a herniated lumbar disc. This made cycling hard and walking harder. In fact for around a month I could do neither without considerable pain.
I struggled into work as best I could – generally by hobbling around on public transport.

I suspended entries to this blog fearing that it would become a medical update blog, which was never the intention.

I have my last session of physiotherapy this evening and, for the past month or so, have been pain free. Either the treatment (rest/NSAIDs and physiotherapy) has worked or it is time performing its best trick.

Anyway, this week, as last, I have cycled in twice, suffered the vagaries of the public transport system on the other days and resolve to keep these pages better informed in the future.

4 weeks of holiday as from today. Back 24/08.