Friday, 13 February 2009

Friday 13/02

What's that date just above? Friday the 13th?!
Now that’s more like it. It’s journeys like this that make this blog worthwhile.

Arrived at Noisy RER to see plenty of would-be passenges milling around, weighing up their options, while the notice boards above advised simply that no trains were running in either direction. A fire near a station further down the line was, apparently, the cause.

Figuring that there was no point in hanging around as it would take several trains to clear the backlog of passengers. So my journey (another original) was:
- walk in a mixture of snow and freezing rain (did I mention that the temperature was a nice round zero) down to the ‘Pont de Bondy’
- Bus, route 147, to Pantin
- Metro, line 7, to Jaures
- Metro, line 2, to Villiers (*)
- Metro, line 3, to Pont de Levallois
- Bus, route 275, to Bécon
- walk in similar mixture of snow and freezing rain as above to office
total journey time = a mere 140 minutes

(*) I could, at this point, have taken my chances at St Lazare but figured that the suburban train services were bound to be disrupted by the bad weather.

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