Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Tuesday 01/09

Nothing if not eventful this morning.
RER E as far as Magenta where, for entirely mysterious reasons, it's journey terminated. As at least 2/3 of the passnegers seemed to be waiting for the next one to come along to take them to Haussmann (and bearing in mind that this train would already be pretty full) I immediatly went to street level and took a Velib down to St. Lazare.
I took a direct train to Asnieres - the one that heads towards Bois-Colombes afterwards - and changed on to the line that goes to Bécon. All was going well until the heavens opened just after I'd left the station of Les Vallées to walk in. There was no point even trying to remain dry (I didn't have an umbrella or raincoat anyway). But was glad of full set of dry clothes waiting for me in my locker at work.

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