Friday, 23 January 2009

Fri 23/01

hmmm two extremes today.

very quick journey in this morning (well 55 minutes), the only obstacle being driving rain on the walk in to the office.

But quite the opposite this evening. For some reason I did not investigate there were no trains at all from B├ęcon to St. Lazare. This gave me the opportunity to try out yet another route. It took 90 minutes in all, but much of that was in a crowded metro train, so its not an option I am all that keen on. Anyway, for the record it was:
- walk to Pont de Levallois Metro
- line 3 to VIlliers
- line 2 to La CHapelle
- lengthy walk to cut through to RER E at Magenta and then back to Noisy le Sec

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