Monday, 19 January 2009

Monday 19/01

Well getting my chain fixed proved to be easier than I anticipated. A walk/scoot with the wounded bike to the 4 Temps shopping centre at La Defense, where the Go Sport branch has a well-equipped and well-staffed bike workshop.
I don’t imagine this facility is overused either as it is pretty well impossible to cycle into the sector, and walking a bike through a pedestrian shopping centre with escalators etc. is quite a deterrent.
So after 10 minutes, the careful attention of 3 technicians – each one apparently more senior and competent than the last – and for the princely sum of five euros I was back on the road.
I’m fairly certain that my local cycle association, the venerable MDB does not mention Go Sport’s repair and service centre on its web site. It should.

Since then, I have bought myself a chain tool and have determined that one of the things I will do in 2009 is learn how to use it. All is explained apparently – plus everything else to do with bikes – herein.

Not a bad journey in this morning. 8.43 from Noisy RER (line E - Eole), then the 8.02 (which was more like the 8. 07 by the time it actually left) from St Lazare to Bois Colombes and then a walk in to the office.
Total journey time = 60 minutes
I didn’t even check if there were trains running to B├ęcon and how many hundreds of passengers were waiting. To be honest, I’m quite happy with the walk, as it is, in any case, my aim to walk an hour a day.
Unfortunately, looks like more of the same the rest of the week as scattered showers (rares averses), much beloved by Meteo France are forecast for the next few days.

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