Monday, 5 January 2009

Monday 05/01

OK, so new year's resolution is to write every day in this blog - even if its just a couple of words to say how I completed the journey.
Well for the first day back at work after an extended break there was a light dusting of snow and sub-zero temperatures to contend with. Cycling ruled out then, so I was at the mercy of the public transport network.
Finished up completing the journey in a creditable 75 minutes, but this did mean taking a train out from St. Lazare to Bois-Colombes, rather than to Bécon.
As usual the scene at St. L was of hundreds of would-be commuters gazing hopefully up at the departures board for a train heading out on the lines towards Cergy or La Defense.
In such cases I now head immediately for platforms 9-12 where you can pretty well always find a train going out to Bois Colombes. The walk to the office is longer (around 20 minutes compared to 10 from Bécon) but the greater comfort and regularity of this service far outweigh this drawback.
Not sure if the problems at St. L are due to technical factors, industrial action or a combination of the two. Let's see what the SNCF itself has to say about it...

hmmm ..this is worrying. According to the transilien's problem alert web site, ABCDtrain, everything is hunky dory on the lines in question.
Looks like I'll be wearing out quite a few pairs of work shoes then...

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