Thursday, 15 January 2009

Wednesday 14/01

Bit of a tale of woe this morning. I had got prepared for a bike ride in, but was greeted by a heavy shower of rain on opening the front door. Plan B then went into action, but this did not go much better. I hurriedly changed just in time to catch my neighbour who drives to nearby Levallois. Only, no sign of him this morning, for some reason.
Plan C was a different lift (from another kind neighbour – I bet you all want to live in my street) into Paris, 10th . From here it was a velib ride (in light but persistent rain) to St. Lazare which, so the radio informed us, was now working normally.

Needless to say it wasn’t, and I could only get on a train going to Bois Colombes, which meant another damp walk into the office.
Total journey time = best part of 2 hours.

Return almost trouble-free, apart from a signposting failure on the RER E network. This is worse than it sounds, as there are 4 platforms to choose from and if you don’t know when and where the trains are going you must take a chance on either 31/33 or 32/34. In the end, I waited no more than 10 minutes for the train to leave.

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